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 Dear Friends, I am a lot of time engaged in business. Sphere of my activity - new modern technologies and the unique equipment. It causes at me the big interest. I am glad to new friends and to new partners in business.

Roman Tsibulsky

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        Roman Tsibulsky at an exhibition of the pharmaceutical equipment 2011.


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Look a Roman Tsibulsky in China. Photos from an exhibition 2011

New Photos from an exhibition in China 2012

Photos from an exhibition in China 2011

Video from an exhibition in China 2011



41st National exhibition of the pharmaceutical equipment in the city of Shenyang, China. The exhibition passed from May, 29th till June, 1st, 2011 in the Shenjansky international exhibition centre.
At an exhibition 123 factories from all China and 22 expositions from other countries have been presented. I have decided to visit the friends and partners in China, and to establish new relations with factories


The big catalogue of the goods from China - 2000 factories. Photos, the description of the goods.

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