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 Dear Friends, I am a lot of time engaged in business. Sphere of my activity - new modern technologies and the unique equipment. It causes at me the big interest. I am glad to new friends and to new partners in business.

Roman Tsibulsky

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I search for partners in all countries
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Name and surname: Roman Tsibulsky  
Phone: +375-29-308-0000 | 8-10-375-29-308-00-00
Skype : RomanTsibulsky  
ICQ: 310134490
The country: Russia
Operating time: Every day from 9.00 till 19.00
My purpose: Search of new partners for business
Sphere of my interests in business

Purchase and sale of the pharmaceutical equipment and all connected with it.

Deliveries of the goods from China
Search, purchase and sale of the goods from China worldwide.

Equipment sale
Own manufacture of cars and the equipment. 

Advertising in the Internet
I have own resources in the Internet. Advertising placing on mine Resources. Creation of new directions of business in the Internet.

I invest in working out of new technologies and the equipment. I search for partners For investments into business projects.


Manufacture of the new equipment and the new goods. The organisation of the new Manufactures in Russia.

I represent interests of scientific laboratories in search of clients. I spend Researches of new materials.

Sale of technologies
I sell and buy new technologies. I train in new technologies.

Representation of the companies
It is ready to represent interests of my partners to Russia. Cooperation with Any companies in advancement of the goods and services in Russia. 

International trade
Sale of own goods in all countries of the world.


New 500 videos on Youtube Are added - look my videos rollers on  

New Photos from an exhibition in China 2013

Photos from an exhibition in China 2012

Photos from an exhibition in China 2011

Video from an exhibition in China 2011

My requirements in work
To partners

To itself

Х Enthusiasm for the business
Х Financial solvency
Х Optimism
Х Honesty and openness
Х Belief in success  
Х Desire to help
Х Performance of promises
Х Honesty
Х To understand and be clear
Х Belief in success  

Mine web resources:

The big catalogue of the goods from China - 2000 factories. Photos, the description of the goods.

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