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 Dear Friends, I am a lot of time engaged in business. Sphere of my activity - new modern technologies and the unique equipment. It causes at me the big interest. I am glad to new friends and to new partners in business.

Roman Tsibulsky

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New! 25-28 April 2013. Visiting  45th exhibition of pharmaceutical equipment in Qingdao city, China. Only 30 photos

New partners (August 2012) in Shanghai in China.      Only 10 photos

My holiday (August 2012), Hainan Island, the Hotel Cactus in China. Only 15 photos

New partners and colleagues (May 2012) Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition in the city of Shenyang in China.                                      Only 15 photos

Arrival to Minsk partners from Korea (July, 2011) training of the "know-how" of seamless gelatinous capsules on Capsulator.          Only 5 photos and 5 videos.

 Dialogue with new partners (March, 2011) an exhibition of the pharmaceutical equipment in the city of Shenyang in China.          Only 45 photos and 45 videos.

Survey of the pharmaceutical equipment (March, 2011) an exhibition in the city of Shenyang in China.                                       Only 19 photos and 19 videos.

My friends and partners in Shanghai (June, 2011) dialogue after an exhibition. Only 20 photos.

Partners from Korea (March, 2011) manufacture visiting in Moscow  Only 6 photos.

My family (August, 2009) photo-studio of Minsk  Only 12 photos.

My dear Mummy! Photos of different years   Only 10 photos.

Zhengzhou 2009 (an exhibition of the pharmaceutical equipment in China) Only 26 photos.

My first visit to China 2008 Only 9 photos.

My visit to my friends to Shanghai 2009. Only 20 photos

The United Arab Emirates Dubai May, 2009.  Only 15 photos







Dear friends,

Our life, it not only work, but also our family, children, travel and rest. Is better to understand the partner it is necessary to see it in different situations.

My pleasures, travel, my close people in these photos. For long years great volume of personal photos is saved up.

Which I plan to add in the given section of my personal site.


The big catalogue of the goods from China - 2000 factories. Photos, the description of the goods.

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