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Dear Friends from China, 5 years I represent some factories from China in Russia and Europe. It is interesting to me to represent any equipment for manufacture. If you wish, that I represented your factory or the company to Russia - address to me.

Roman Tsibulsky 

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The helpful information for factories from China. 

If you the representative factory from China also wish to sell successfully your goods in Russia - to read councils from the Russian agent.

That it is good to sell the equipment and the goods in Russia you should:

1. The agent your factory in Russia. You should have the agent from Russia which lives in Russia, speaks Russian, and well understands the clients. Your agent should have good advertising in the Internet on Russian.  If you to sell the equipment - the best agent the man. Clients from Russia always have many questions on the equipment and about technology. Your agent should know well process manufacture your production.

Your agent will solve questions:

a) Search a kind and model the equipment which are searched by the client.

b) To receive payment from the client from Russia in national currency and to send payment on your factory in USD. Clients from Russia like to buy in national currency. It is easier and faster for the client.

c) It is necessary to learn and specify the price for delivery the goods and payment customs the duty for everyone a kind cargo from China in Russia. The agent your factory should solve these questions for your client.

d) When your cargo to arrive in Russia, your agent should help to send cargo in a city the Client. Russia the big country, but cargoes to arrive in Moscow or St.-Petersburg. To send inside the country the knowledge and experience the agent is necessary.

e) Trust. Your factory can receive payment forward, only if the client has trust to your agent. From the moment payment to the moment reception cargo is time to wait. It can make 1-2 months. It is important, that the client had trust to the agent.

2. The information on your goods.  If you wish to sell successfully your goods in Russia you should read very attentively. Features of China - sale the goods on an exhibition. Features Russia - goods sale through the Internet. In Russia much beginning and average businessman whom time is not present to go on an exhibition and to choose the equipment. To find the new equipment the client to search in the Internet. It is a lot of client from Russia to search for equipment on Russian.

Well to present your goods in Russia it is necessary:

a) Your agent should have the detailed description of the characteristic each model the equipment on Russian. It is desirable, that the agent the eyes saw each machine, saw a principle work, quality of a detail and quality finished goods. If the agent saw your factory - it can give the recommendation and guarantee quality of the equipment.

b) Equipment photos. It is the big problem - many factories in China have only one photo the equipment and this bad quality. That the client from Russia to make decision to buy the goods from Russia, it should receive not less than 5-6 pieces a photo about the different parties. It is necessary to see each parts the equipment and details a design. If the client can see it it to buy. The factory should have many photo each equipment to give the client.

c) Video. The factory should have video about work each machine. Video the film should contain - survey all parts the equipment from different directions. Demonstration work the equipment in operating conditions with reception finished goods. Video should see the agent and understand as the equipment works. The agent should make a little short video to give on the website and to send the client on email.

3. Advertising your goods in Russia. To sell it is more than goods in Russia it is necessary to pay for their advertising. Except the equipment from China on this market there is an equipment from the USA, Europe, India and Korea. The goods from these countries have higher quality, guarantees and excellent service. From China the low price, but bad quality have the goods only and there is no service and repair. The companies competitors to pay for advertising and to withdraw many clients in Russia. To win and well to sell - it is necessary to help to buy the agent advertising.

The best and effective ways advertising for money:

a) Advertising in the Internet - creation is a lot of page on Russian about each kind the equipment or the goods from China.

b) Participation in an exhibition to Russia, representation a paper the catalogue and CD a disk the representative each potential client in Russian.

c) To Help to bring your agent the representative the client in China to time the big exhibition or on factory. To pay the price the ticket aboard the plane for the agent.

4. The price which pays the client from Russia for the equipment from China. Many factories have very good prices for the equipment and clients cannot find in Russia. Idle time - the factory does not know the answer what final price when the client to receive the equipment in Russia.

China from Russia separates the big distance. And any goods from China add in the price when to be sent in Russia. The more the weight your equipment, the the big sum the client from Russia should pay for delivery. That the factory to understand:

1) Price delivery + customs the duty from China in Russia by air - 14 USD     for 1 kg of weight.

2) Price delivery + customs the duty from China in Russia on the sea - 7 USD for 1 kg of weight.

If the price the equipment low - but the equipment has the big weight. That the price in Russia which it is necessary to pay to the client it is very high. Well to sell the equipment in Russia it is necessary to reduce weight any equipment and any goods. The more low weight, the more low the goods price in Russia. It will give many clients.

For example - the price the machine 3000 USD (it is the good and low price) and is many clients from Russia which wish to receive the equipment under this price. But weight the car makes 700 kg. Means if the client delivers cargo in Russia on the sea it should to pay 3000 USD to factory and 700 kg X 7 USD = 4900 USD. The Total price will make already 7900 USD. It is a big price and the client to refuse to buy. Much to sell it is necessary to think as to lower gross weight the equipment.

Many factories in China conduct decrease the price. And it is necessary to reduce weight the equipment. Because so the final price for the client from Russia will decrease. If your equipment costs 3000 USD and has weight of 700 kg, and at your competitor the price 2900 USD, but gross weight of 1000 kg. The client from Russia will buy that from you. Because the total price delivery + a payment customs will be more low.

The author - Roman Tsibulsky. 5 years I represent some factories from China in Russia and Europe.


If you wish, that I represented your factory or the company to Russia - address to me.
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Welcome to my personal web a site.

I think, that it becomes a place of a meeting with my partners and friends. All of you receive the information on my new projects and achievements.

Let's create the future together.

May 8-11, 2012. Visiting of an Exhibition of the pharmaceutical equipment 2012 in China, the city of Shenyang. Exhibition visiting, gathering of the information on new suppliers, photo and video shooting of the various pharmaceutical equipment. The conclusion of long-term partner relations with new factories. Photos from an exhibition in China 2012

May-June, 2011. Visiting of an exhibition of the pharmaceutical equipment in China, the city of Shenyang. Exhibition visiting, gathering of the information on new suppliers, photo and video shooting of the various pharmaceutical equipment. The conclusion of long-term partner relations with new factories. Video from an exhibition in China 2011, Photos from an exhibition in China 2011

January, 2011. About me in Facebook. Now all my friends and clients had a possibility to add me in Facebook. Search for me on Facebook!

Spring of 2009.                                                                                                  My meeting with partners at an annual international pharmaceutical machine-building exhibition, in 2009 in the city of Zhengzhou China. Look photos from an exhibition .


Name and surname: Roman Tsibulsky  
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Purchase and sale of the pharmaceutical equipment and all connected with it.

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Search, purchase and sale of the goods from China worldwide.

Equipment sale
Own manufacture of cars and the equipment. 

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I have own resources in the Internet. Advertising placing on mine Resources. Creation of new directions of business in the Internet.

I invest in working out of new technologies and the equipment. I search for partners For investments into business projects.


Manufacture of the new equipment and the new goods. The organisation of the new Manufactures in Russia.

I represent interests of scientific laboratories in search of clients. I spend Researches of new materials.

Sale of technologies
I sell and buy new technologies. I train in new technologies.

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It is ready to represent interests of my partners to Russia. Cooperation with Any companies in advancement of the goods and services in Russia. 

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Sale of own goods in all countries of the world.

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Х Enthusiasm for the business
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Х Honesty and openness
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Х Desire to help
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Х Honesty
Х To understand and be clear
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